Meetings, appointments, special customer requests, stress...


Grab your colleagues and treat yourself to an after-work spin with our Mini Hotrods. No rush-hour traffic, no one to get on your nerves - just you, your colleagues and 90 minutes of driving fun to clear your head.


fun after work

The meeting point for the after-work experience is our roof terrace on the R.A.W. site. Here you have a perfect view of the grounds and can enjoy the sunset and chilled drinks (non-alcoholic) as the evening draws to a close.

Please be with us at least 20 minutes before the tour starts and reserve at least 48 hours in advance. Our hotrods are single-seaters, so everyone drives themselves. A maximum of 12 people can ride at the same time, but it's also great fun with four or five people!

Before we hit the road, you will receive a theoretical and practical briefing and drive on our premises (approx. 10-15 min). Once all tasks have been successfully completed, we will set off (approx. 75-80 min). 

We set off across Warschauer Brücke in Friedrichshain with a spectacular view of the Berlin skyline over to Kreuzberg. We continue along the East Side Gallery, where art history can be celebrated in the open air. We then head for the ever-changing Alexanderplatz and, to top it all off, the landmark of the Prussian metropolis, the Brandenburg Gate. The 90-minute sightseeing tour gets you going and offers everything that makes your heart beat faster. Seeing and being seen is guaranteed.


Starting times (daily)

19:00 - 20:30 

21:00 - 22:30 (May - August)

15 min introduction + 75 min driving fun

Meeting point 20min before tour start

Sightseeing tour in Berlin with the Mini Hotrods

Sightseeing Tour Highlights

1 RAW terrain

2 Modersohn bridge

3 East Side Gallery

4 Strausberg Square

5 Alexanderplatz

6 Hackescher Market

7 Reichstag

8 Bundestag

9 House of World Cultures

10 Brandenburg Gate

11 Potsdamer Square

12 Gendarmenmarkt

13 Fishing Island


You can book up to a maximum of 12 people directly via our shop*, from 12 persons on Request.

* If the desired number of people is not available, we do not have enough free places.
Then just choose another date or time.